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normal hours: 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday, SATURDAY/SUNDAY CLOSED

 MnSP will be offering a new crop harvest price later program. Only farmer delivered bushels will be eligible to be placed on price later. The price later program will be free until Oct 31. There will be a .20/bu charge starting Nov 1, and .05/month starting Dec 1.  All bushels must be priced by the market close April 29, any bushels not priced will automatically be priced at the market close April 29. Our price later program will be subject to space availability and may end at any time as available storage space fills


 Minnesota Soybean Processors WILL be accepting Roundup Ready 2 XTEND Soybeans. This may be subject to change based on export markets.

If you have any questions, please call us at 507-842-6677



In response to customer requests to simplify soybean settlement paperwork, Minnesota Soybean Processors will be changing our settlement procedures and payment terms. As of September 1, 2016 we will send settlements and pay for soybeans upon completion of contract.  This will allow us to print all loads applied to the contract on one settlement which will make it much easier for customers to reconcile with their records. We will still offer both direct deposit and written checks as forms of payment. To coincide with this change we are eliminating the overrun/underfill policy, the full amount stated on the contract will need to be delivered, also any bushels delivered over the stated contract amount will be spot priced, or applied to a Price Later program if one is offered at the time of delivery. Our spot policy will remain the same, unless instructed differently all bushels over contract amount will be spot priced on the following day’s close. It is the responsibility of the seller to manage their contracts and to communicate. If the supplier does not otherwise call in advance and sell the overrun or place on available programs the bushels will be spotted on the following days close. 



Reminder: make sure to clean out your trailer before hauling in beans, can't have caked up DDGs, fertilizer, etc..

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Governor’s buffer bill makes waves in House hearing

A controversial proposal that pits agricultural and environmental interests against one another had its first House hearing Tuesday.HF1534 would require a 50-foot buffer of “perennially rooted vegetation” along the state’s streams, drainage ditches and rivers. These buffers are meant to reduce harmful runoff while generating additional habitat for wildlife. However, creating them would come with a cost – the loss of fertile farmland currently producing crops.


General Information

General Information

Hours of Operation

 Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am–4:30pm

Current Meal Loadout Hours: Monday through Friday, 24 hours per day; Beginning 7:00am Monday morning to 7:00pm Friday evening.    Closed on weekends

Current Hull/Pellet Loading Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am -5pm.

 Important Notices

  • MNSP is a Smoke free facility
  • Weapons are banned from our site
  • Speed limit throughout our premises is 15 mph

  MNSP is under 24-hour surveillance

Truckers - check the truck line at the probes and the bean dump area.
 *New* Now includes snapshots of truck lines at Meal and Oil Loadout

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